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Email Marketing for Manufacturing Business Growth

So you’re interested in email marketing, which means you’re in one of two groups...

“I want to do email marketing, but…”

You have a list of your personal customers in Excel or Google Sheets.

Joe keeps his customer contacts in Outlook.

Sarah has her information in her iPhone because she travels constantly.

Karen has a list of new prospects she talked to at the trade show three months ago in a Word file.

Dan has a handwritten list of samples he has sent over the past year.

Bill has been here so long, he has it all memorized

(There is no formal list of all existing customers and prospects anywhere — no one has the time to take on the task of collecting and organizing becuase you have to keep new business coming in.)

“I’m doing email marketing, but I want more!”

You have your list scrubbed, de-duped, and spam trap free — you’re ready to rock.

You send regular emails.

You don’t have the time to analyze why some campaigns are performing better than others.

You wish you could do more because you are seeing results.

Whether you are a veteran email marketer or a manufacturing business looking to get started using email marketing to drive more opportunities and sales growth, we can help. We’ve organized useable lists from every content source known to mankind and formulated advanced strategy and deployment plans for all manner of industrial companies, and here's how we do it:

Step 1: Organizing your list.

We need to get all of your info put together in one place. Once we have this organized we need to segment the email marketing list by your target personas. We don’t want to send design engineers information that we created for procurement managers. By identifying each individual, we can tailor content aimed at making their decision to work with you easier.

(Don’t go buying lists and get yourself in trouble, you’re too good for that.)

Step 2: Nurturing your existing customers.

Yes, they already work with you; however, this doesn’t stop them from looking elsewhere.

We see this on Thomasnet.com all the time.

If they are so enamored with you, why are they looking at other suppliers? Let’s not give them the chance to wander.

By creating regular touch points using relevant and useful information, you and your business stay top of mind. Remember, this is a relationship that you care about. Relationships are all about communication and working as partners. Do your part to keep the love affair going.

Step 3: New prospect engagement.

You meet folks all of the time as referrals, conversions on your website, at trade shows, through advertising, etc. We need to keep you in front of these new sales opportunities.

New long-term customers are the healthiest and quickest growth vehicle for your company — don’t let that first date pass without follow up.

Take control and engage these new opportunities with problem solving information. They are looking at working with you for a reason. Don’t wait for them to figure that reason out — give them a 100 reasons to choose from.

Step 4: Target lost opportunities.

So you lost that contract.

It’s happened before, it’ll happen again.

You can’t bat 1.000 — Ted Williams finished at .406 in his best year and he NEVER gave up on an at bat. Neither should you.

They were interested enough to consider your manufacturing services or industrial products the first time, we need to try again. By engaging with these contacts, it keeps the door open for the next opportunity that you fit perfectly!

Step 5: Tracking. Tracking. Tracking.

If you don’t look at what’s working with each segment of your contact list you can’t graduate to advanced targeting. We live in the numbers all day, every day. We thrive on figuring out exactly why a certain phrase or call-to-action triggered a larger open rate and more conversions on a certain marketing offer. Then we create more content to take that next step toward building or keeping that relationship with your customers.

Sound good?


Leverage email marketing to grow your business.

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Join our community of industry professionals. Learn about the latest innovations and insights affecting manufacturers, engineers, and B2B buyers.

Keep Up with the 50.5K Industry Pros Already Subscribed

Join our community of industry professionals. Learn about the latest innovations and insights affecting manufacturers, engineers, and B2B buyers.