Cloud Wars Podcast: Industry 4.0: Apple, Amazon, and Google are Manufacturers - Episode 10

In this month's episode, Tony discusses why 2020 will be the year when industry 4.0 takes off. The increase of products and services such as robotics, advanced manufacturing systems, additive manufacturing (a/k/a 3D printing), electronic components and sensors, have all finally converged.

As part of Industry 4.0, 5G will play a major role, opening up information in volumes we never dreamed of before. 5G, connected to additive manufacturing, will put small manufacturing facilities closer to a company’s customers.

Tony also proposes that Apple, Amazon, Google, and Microsoft are all manufacturers. In a different era, we might have said, “no, they’re software companies.” But enabling technologies are allowing us to rethink what qualifies as a manufacturing company.

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