The Globe and Mail: Labour shortage plaguing tech industry in Western U.S. amid fierce competition for workers

Labor shortfalls hold special importance for the high-tech sector as corporate America stages a made in the USA push, with encouragement from the White House as rivalry with China grows more intense. Companies are expected to announce the return to the US of some 220,000 jobs over the course of this year, according to tracing by the Reshoring Initiative, while a survey by Thomas, and industrial sourcing platform, has found that 83% of manufacturers said they expect to bring back work to North America, up from 54% last year. 

According to Tony Uphoff, president and CEO of Thomas, "It comes at a time when companies, spurred in part by the cost and confusion of shipping during the pandemic, have started to determine that maybe we don't need to manufacture in Vietnam when our core consumer is in Arkansas."

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