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Thomas Launches New Division, Thomas Industrial Data, the First Source for Industry & Supply Chain Trends

This press release was issued on March 31,  2020 at 1:30 PM via Business WireThe release can also be found on Yahoo! Finance, Ask.com, MorningStar, AiTHORITY.com, American Journal of Transportation among others.

Thomas Industrial Data - March 2020

Thomas Launches New Division Thomas Industrial Data,

the First Source for Industry & Supply Chain Trends

Releases Thomas Manufacturing Index (TMX) Reflecting Impact of Manufacturing & Industrial Activity on Economy

NEW YORK, N.Y. - March 31, 2020 - Thomas, the leader in product sourcing, supplier selection, and marketing solutions for industry, today announced the launch of Thomas Industrial Data - the premier resource for all sourcing and supply chain trends in the manufacturing and industrial sectors. 

The Thomasnet.com® platform has 1,500,000+ buyers per month that source products and services from 70,000+ categories, containing 500,000+ North American suppliers, and 7,800,000+ product listings. This sourcing activity creates petabytes of market and industry trend data that provides an unprecedented window into the industrial economy.

“We have received an overwhelming number of requests for analysis and trends based on our data and information during this global crisis. Everyone from the U.S. Department of Commerce and the Small Business Administration to CNN and Yahoo! Finance has asked for deeper insights around how the manufacturing industry is reacting to and preparing for the impact of the coronavirus,” said Thomas President and CEO Tony Uphoff. “While we understand our data has use cases for financial analysts, investment firms, research groups, marketing teams, and sales leaders, we are focused on sharing everything we can right now to help combat this pandemic.” 

This new business unit will be led by Vice President of Data Products and Services, Tom Greco and Head of Data and AI Hamid Benbrahim. Greco brings deep experience in supplier sourcing from his ten years as the Head of Product for Thomasnet.com. Benbrahim joined Thomas to lead the data science team and unite the multiple data sets and resources within the company. He brings big data experience to the Thomas data sets from his time as CEO and co-founder of Natural Numerix, a provider of innovative capital markets technology solutions and real-time intelligence capabilities for trading and risk management; and as the former Chief Data Scientist and Managing Director of TD Ameritrade.

"I'm excited to join Thomas and be a part of the team building our Thomas Industrial Data business,” said Benbrahim. “The data we use to run our core business can also be a valuable service for financial and industry analysts, and I'm excited to help serve this growing marketplace as we bring the data revolution to the industrial space.”

The team leveraged Thomas data to create the Thomas Manufacturing Index (TMX), which reflects the fundamentals of industrial activity across the United States and Canada. It illustrates the impact of supply chain sourcing activity, project planning, and commercial spending confidence on the economy. The TMX is currently updated and published monthly - see the latest version overlaid on the S&P 500 here.

To learn more about trends in the industrial space, visit Thomas Industrial Data. To find the latest data and information surrounding the impact of the pandemic on the industrial sector, visit the Thomas Coronavirus Resource Hub for Manufacturers and Industrial Professionals.


About Thomas

Thomas provides actionable information, data, analysis and tools that align with and support today’s industrial buying process. Its solutions include the Thomas Network at Thomasnet.com®, industry’s largest and most active buyer/supplier network. Through Thomas Marketing Services, the company provides full-service industrial marketing programs and website development. Thomas Product Data Solutions helps manufacturers connect with design engineers through advanced CAD/BIM and data syndication services. Thomas Industrial Data supplies sourcing and supply chain trend data to media, investors, analysts, and researchers to provide market insight and inform decision making. Thomas WebTrax® provides opportunity intelligence on in-market buyers to help marketing and sales teams track, identify, and engage high-value prospects. Thomas Insights delivers original content to help marketers and supply chain professionals inform their decision-making, through leading titles including Inbound Logistics®, Thomas Industry Update, Industrial Equipment News® (IEN®), and the Thomas Index™.




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