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Social Media for Manufacturing Companies

Don’t be "that guy" on social media.

We’ve all met him. All he does is talk about himself, how great he is, how successful all of his endeavors are and the never ending list of accolades he is too willing to share. What do you do when you meet him at a party? You endure him until you can duck away.

All too often new comers to the social media space fall into the trap of being “that guy” — and you definitely don't want that reputation.

As more industrial buyers and suppliers build up a presence on social media, it's important to establish your brand and network with prospects — here are a few things to keep in mind:

It’s not all about you.

Social Media should be about making a connection with a potential user or customer.

It should feel like an easy conversation at a backyard BBQ — not screaming from a megaphone on the corner.

Of course you want to provide information about your place in the supply chain and how you can help with a need, but there are ways to do this in the context of a conversation. You wouldn’t just blurt out facts if you were talking to someone in person, right? Think about how you might start a conversation and ignite genuine interest from the other party. It is no different on social media channels.

Stick with what you know.

Be an authority on your area of knowledge, and don’t pretend to be something you are not.

Providing guidance on content and answers on your specific niche positions you as a thought leader in the space. The more people you can help, the more others will look to you for answers.

Relax. Have a conversation. Thank people for help. Ask questions. In short, be human.

Share other people’s stuff.

If you read something interesting that another person wrote, share it with the world the same way you would recommend a good book to a friend. (A good ratio is 70% external content and 30% of your own.)

Everyone likes to know that their efforts were appreciated and their work is valuable. Sharing content from resources outside of your business shows that you are truly interested in everything going on in your area of expertise.

Consistency is key.

Social media is a commitment between your brand, your customer base and your future connections.

You can’t post or respond only when you feel like it. This leaves your interested following confused about reliability. They need to be able to count on you for information and answers.

There is no pause button.

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