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Results-driven industrial social media marketing services combined with your other growth strategies.

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Turn Your Social Media Into A Manufacturing Sales Channel

Use social media to attract the audience you want to do business with and drive more customers.

Increase social media results - Social Media Marketing For Manufacturers

We’ve seen manufacturing companies use their social media accounts for everything from keeping track of the company softball team to waging highly visible arguments with potential customers. There are also many manufacturers and industrial businesses who just set up their social profiles and leave them dormant, collecting dust and, presumably, eyerolls from potential customers who come across their accounts.

Attract your target buyers Social Media Marketing For Manufacturers

#1 Identify & Attract Your Audience

Any good marketing campaign starts with identifying your best target audience. This is critical in engaging with potential customers and should be step number one of your social media marketing strategy.

Engage your audience Social Media Marketing For Manufacturers

#2 Build Connections & Engage

Engage with your audience with relevant, interesting and engaging content to peak their interests. Thomas Marketing Services has strategists that are supported by degreed engineers who know exactly what type of content your targets want popping up in their newsfeeds.

grow your audience Social Media Marketing For Manufacturers

#3 Grow Your Audience

Get in front of more potential customers by growing your company's social followers. Expanding your reach to the right B2B buyers, procurement managers, MROs, and engineers will drive more qualified traffic to your site and ultimately drive more leads and revenue.

Connect With More Customers On Social Media

What Can Social Media Help With?

Nine out of every 10 companies use social media for marketing purposes. Unfortunately, a very small percentage of them use it well.

Optimized mobile social media campaigns - Social Media Marketing For Manufacturers

  Increase Your Website Traffic

  Establish Stronger Connections With Customers

  Build Your Manufacturing Brand


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LinkedIn Marketing Services - Social Media Marketing For ManufacturersLinkedIn For Manufacturing And Industrial Companies

LinkedIn was made for business. We help our clients create professional, engaging LinkedIn profiles that draw in their target customers. We develop content on your behalf to showcase your knowledge, grow your network, and provide your connections with valuable insight.

Facebook Marketing Services - Social Media Marketing For ManufacturersFacebook For Manufacturing And Industrial Companies

Facebook is the largest and most popular social media network in North America. It is a highly personal platform, so we focus on providing helpful, valuable information and one-to-one communications.

Twitter Marketing Services - Social Media Marketing For ManufacturersTwitter For Manufacturing And Industrial Companies

Twitter is where people turn for news, information, and advice. It’s all about being active, current and engaging. So in addition to setting up your Twitter profile, we post frequent updates using highly targeted hashtags and terms in order to connect with the right followers.

YouTube Marketing Services - Social Media Marketing For ManufacturersYouTube For Manufacturing And Industrial Companies

YouTube is the internet's second largest search engine and yes, your customers are there. YouTube provides great Search Engine Optimization benefits to elevate your brand presence. Diversifying your content with video is imperative and should be a part of your content marketing strategy. Thomas can create a video for free with the purchase of an. advertising program. Check out these 17 video examples here that have helped manufacturers grow their brand awareness and sell more business.

Boosting Your Business with A Strong Social Media Presence

Unleash The Potential Of Your Social Media Networks

The Complete Guide To Social Media Marketing For Manufacturers

So you've dipped your toes into the social media waters, set up your accounts, branded your pages, and started sharing content. Now what?

Now, it's time to take advantage of the networking aspect of social networks in order to build your community and, ultimately, bolster your business.


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Is social media marketing worth it for my manufacturing business?

Yes, if you target it correctly and your efforts are aligned with your website's content marketing with your emails, paid efforts, etc. But our data shows that, when fully optimized, manufacturing and industrial companies can leverage social media to increase traffic up to 300% and boost lead generation by 150%.  Take a look at our recent blog posts on social media for more advice.

Can social media marketing help me get more leads?

Buyers use these social media channels to find more information, validate your company, and build relationships that can and do turn into sales. More than 70% of B2B buyers today are tech-savvy millennials — and they're on social media platforms. Social media can play a key role in advertising your business online if you're creating posts your buyers are looking for. 

What's a common mistake with manufacturers just starting out with social media?

Don't make the mistake of getting your profile/page/handle/etc. and start spamming the world about your fantastic products/services. Take time to get the lay of the land. Visit groups, read comments and tweets and status updates of customers, suppliers and others within your market segment. Get a sense of how your peers talk and interact. What are common discussion topics? What are their chief needs, desires and complaints? You can't offer something valuable unless you know what's valuable to others in your industry.

How do I get started with a social media plan?

The ultimate goal of any marketing strategy should be to grow your business. Don't just post pictures for the sake of having posts on your profile. When you're creating your social media plan and content calendar, make sure each post is aligned to the rest of your content marketing strategy and supports your overall business goal. Document this all down in a formal plan, refer to it often, and adjust as necessary. Make sure your strategy includes the social platforms each post is going on, the posting schedule, and the employees in charge of the content.

If you are active on multiple social media platforms (and you should be), do not manage them in isolation. Link back to your Facebook page from Twitter, showcase your tweets on LinkedIn (the two sites have a function that makes it easy), offer your YouTube videos on your other profiles, etc.

Learn More: The Difference Between Facebook vs LinkedIn vs Twitter

What are the best social media channels for manufacturing businesses?

It all depends on your target personas and company goals. LinkedIn is a great start pretty much across the board in the B2B/industrial space, but you’ll need to dig a little deeper to figure out if Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Quora, etc. are the right fit for your company. Many of our manufacturing customers see success in their company profile videos or product spotlight videos on YouTube. (Our favorite 17 Industrial Video Examples seen here.)

It's important to remember that social media is just one part of a larger online marketing strategy. While social media activity can help with sales conversations, there is still one more likely step in between—your website. No comment, tweet or blog post or brand page can possibly answer every question a new customer will have. Your website is an important part of an effective social media strategy. As such, it should have complete product catalogs, specifications and technical details, downloadable CAD files, case studies and any other information a new customer might be looking for. 

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