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Our dynamic CAD and BIM engine brings your product data to life.
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The Thomas Navigator Platform

In today’s industrial marketplace, engineers and sourcing professionals rely on comprehensive, digitized product data in order to do their jobs. The Thomas Navigator Platform helps you deliver. 

Navigator offers advanced search and configuration capabilities, helping professionals find products by keyword, individual part numbers, performance characteristics, and detailed dimensions.

Most importantly, users are able to download specs, drawings and CAD models in over 25 industry standard formats, generated instantly from the most up to date data in the Navigator database.

With Navigator, your company can deliver the rich, detailed product data that a new generation of engineers and sourcing professionals require, providing a best-in-class experience for your customers — on your website or on B2B eCommerce portals across the web. 

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The Navigator Platform powers these content and data solutions, helping our clients provide their customers with the best digital experience possible:

Product Configurator

When engineers search for products, they prefer using tools that can configure even the most intricate products with ease. The Product Configurator does just that—the Configurator’s simple-to-use graphical interface helps reduce both engineering hours and product returns. Users can find the exact product they need from thousands of potential combinations and dynamically generate a sales drawing or CAD model on-demand.

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Dynamic CAD Engine

Having detailed product data isn’t enough—it must be available in the file format that’s compatible with the CAD systems that engineers and designers utilize on a daily basis. Our Dynamic CAD Engine integrates seamlessly with your existing site, giving you access to a full suite of CAD publishing solutions. Your customers can be confident they are getting the most current specs whenever they download a CAD model.

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Dynamic BIM Engine

Demand for product data also extends into the Commercial Building Industry with architectural materials as well as products for mechanical, electrical, and plumbing (MEP). Today’s Architects and MEP engineers rely on BIM technology to create a 3D virtual model of their building project. Utilizing manufacturer-specific BIM data in their design allows them to analyze and validate that your product meets their design specifications. Users will always get the latest specs as the generate and download the BIM format they need directly from your website.

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Intergraph-Ready Product Data

Intergraph is a leading supplier of software for the Power, Process & Marine market that provides an end-to-end system for EPCs and Owners to manage large-scale capital projects. Thomas’ partnership with Intergraph translates to considerable benefits for our manufacturer customers including creation services to build technically robust product data that meets the demanding needs of large EPCs.

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Data Syndication

Navigator doesn’t just help you manage your product information—our platform allows product data to be delivered, in appropriate file formats, to a myriad of sales channels. With Data Syndication, you’ll be able to improve your search ranking on your Distributors’ websites and deliver more detailed product characteristics to ensure your customers receive a top-notch digital experience, wherever they find your products.

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At Thomas, we provide manufacturers with the tools needed to expand their market reach and influence design and sourcing professionals with high quality, digitized product information. Providing a positive digital customer experience on your website and in the web destinations you participate in, generates leads, wins specs and ultimately drives revenue.

Our expert team works closely with you to assess your target audiences, cleanse and consolidate your product data and help you deliver the formats and details your customers need to be productive.

In the manufacturing industry, rich, accurate product information is critical to your company’s success. Thomas helps you manage and leverage this information to improve sales performance and revenues at your company.

Deliver better data. Get more leads.