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In today’s industrial marketplace, engineers and sourcing professionals rely on comprehensive, digitized product data in order to do their jobs. Deliver the rich, detailed product data that a new generation of engineers and sourcing professionals require on your website or on B2B eCommerce portals across the web using the power of the Thomas Navigator Platform.

Providing a best-in-class experience for your customer, the Thomas Navigator Platform offers advanced search and configuration capabilities, helping professionals find products by keyword, individual part numbers, performance characteristics, and detailed dimensions.

Most importantly, users are able to download specs, drawings and CAD models in over 25 industry-standard formats, generated instantly from the most up to date data in the Thomas Navigator Platform database.

Users today are heavily influenced by digital B2C experiences they have in their everyday lives and expect the same ease and convenience when it comes to searching and purchasing parts and components for current work projects. With an organized and optimized product management platform, you and your customers' frustrations will be eased.

Thomas Navigator - Online Product Catalog

Built For Manufacturers

  • Allows business owners, marketers, and product managers to easily make updates to their catalog as needed
  • Reduce customer service and engineering hours, and increase customer satisfaction
  • Be in control through backend tools for self-maintenance
Timken CAD - Online product catalog

Built For Your Customers

  • Utilize a self-serve interface to configure and select the exact products that meet their project requirements
  • See the most up-to-date information for their projects
  • Easily search and compare products to quickly make purchases or requests for quote

The Manufacturer's Guide to Building Effective Online Product Catalogs

Generate leads, win specs and ultimately drive revenue.

The Manufacturer’s Guide To Building Effective Online Product Catalogs

Engineers, sourcing professionals, and purchasing managers are demanding richer product data like CAD models, drawings, and spec sheets. How can you meet their needs and deliver rich data while creating more revenue for you?

This guide discusses how a dynamic eCatalog improves your customers’ ability to search and find your products on your website and your distributors’ sites.


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Design engineers and sourcing professionals regularly look for 3D CAD and BIM files that offer product specs and performance data to make sure that what they're sourcing will be compatible with their application.

Bring your data to life and enhance your customers' experience on your site with our Interactive View that allows users to spin, zoom, rotate and download CAD and BIM files directly from your site.

The Thomas Navigator platform easily incorporates these file types for download to your website, offering users a greater range of product data in the formats your customers require.

3D CAD file - Online product catalog

Have existing CAD files?

We'll help you optimize and distribute them 27 million+ design engineers and sourcing professionals in the Thomas TraceParts Network to create some of the most valuable leads in the market.

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Industrial engineer - Online product catalog

Have product data specs?

If you have product data specs but haven't created 3D CAD files, no worries. Our team of content and production engineers can assist in getting you on the right track today.

Help With CAD Files 

Product configurator - Online product catalogWith Product Configurator technology, you and your customers can easily configure complex products that often have thousands of potential combinations — within seconds.

  • Flexibility to specify your configurable products without engaging a technical salesperson or engineer, saving time and money for everyone
  • Generate 3D CAD/BIM models, sales drawings and submittal documents of the exact configured products
  • Increase information availability for a cleaner sales process
  • Track the most common configured items for inventory control and planning
  • Better communication between actual manufacturing capabilities and clients' needs
  • Decrease your sales cycle dramatically
  • Provide superior online engineering support

Your customers get a simpler discovery and specification process and you have a system that ensures all of your product rules and guidelines are met to create valid part numbers and models that can be manufactured.

Manage And Syndicate Your Data In One Platform

Thomas Navigator - Online product catalog

Thomas Navigator doesn’t just help you manage your product information — our platform allows up-to-date and accurate product data to be delivered, in the appropriate file formats, to a myriad of sales channels. With Thomas Connect, you’ll be able to improve your search ranking on your distributors’ websites and deliver more detailed product characteristics to ensure your customers receive a top-notch digital experience, wherever they find your products.

Leverage Thomas Connect today to create a cross-channel marketing strategy that ensures your product data is accurate across your website, on, and across all of your distributor partner's sites.

Learn More About Data Syndication

Our expert team works closely with you to assess your target audiences, and cleanse and consolidate your product data to help you deliver the formats to the web destinations you participate in.

We will create a better user experience to optimize the way that your customers search on your website.

Learn how influencing design and sourcing professionals with high quality, digitized product information improves sales performances, increases revenue, and outperforms competitors today.

Deliver Better Data. Get More Leads.

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