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As COVID-19 swept across the United States over the last 6 months, affecting over 6 million Americans, individual states have worked to combat the novel coronavirus dependent on PPE availability and mounting case numbers in their region. Using anonymized Thomas COVID-19 Response System data we’ve created an expert COVID-19 sourcing activity report uncovering the following:
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  1. Key Insights: View established sourcing patterns identified in regions affected at different heights of the pandemic.
  2. State-Specific Sourcing Activity: Access critical COVID-19 sourcing activity data corresponding to state-level case totals. 
  3. Q2 COVID-19 Sourcing Data: View the sourcing trends of the top 10 products and services in the COVID-19 Response System including masks, sanitizers, and fabric and cloth.
  4. Trend Forecasting: Use data from your specific region to start planning your business objectives for the next quarter.
  5. Additional COVID-19 Industry Resources: Get access to Thomas’ free eBooks, newsletter, and other actionable resources. 

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